Get to know... Ashlie

Toronto-born, visionary and the founder of Palmo Goods - Ashlie - has a passion for all things old. A true pupil of life, Ashlie has a natural curiosity with the world around her and finds inspiration from the little things most people skim by. Smart, warm and friendly - Ashlie will always give you a random fact or point to ponder with each conversation you have with her. She keeps us all inspired with her knowledge and love of the pieces she picks for the store. When she’s not picking for the store she’s running, reading and drinking a smoothie - not all at the same time but if she could, she probably would.

Dig deeper into the mind of the founder of Palmo Goods: 

Age:  36 Woozy Face on Apple iOS 14.6

Pronouns: She/Her

Big 3 (Astrology: Sun, Moon, Rising signs): Pisces, Cancer, Gemini

Top 2 Most used Emoji: 🏄🏻 👀

Unusual skill: I think I’d have to say my resourcefulness and the joy of making something out of nothing. Or starting craft projects and never finishing them.

A quick rant about something I love: Not to be too predictable here but I love old things. I find anything that has survived 50+ Years to be truly fascinating. Especially in contrast to the short lives of items and clothing produced today. I can just nerd out for hours on where something came from and how it was made and what it was made for and how it functions. I love the insight it gives us into the societal mindset of another time and how resourceful humans are in general.

My life soundtrack: The Wayne’s World soundtrack

Best travel story: A trip I took to California - my first time going to the Rosebowl Flea (I wish I brought 5 extra suitcases), driving the coast on Highway 1 and camping in Big Sur.

A spot in the city I love: Marché St Michel

If loving this is wrong than I don’t want to be right: Really awful and cheesy teen shows on Netflix.

Most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done: Probably the first vintage pop up market I did - I was a taking a break from working my corporate job and had gotten a little bored. Late one night I found an ad on Facebook looking for vendors at a weekend vintage market so I packed up all the hoarded vintage in my closet and went for it. This is truly where Palmo was born.

My most irrational fear: It used to be driving but now I’m a week away from being an Independent driver. I’ve spent the past few years facing a lot of the irrational fears that I used to be riddled with.

My simple pleasures: Reading fiction or psychology books, slow mornings, thrift stores, a quiet day to myself.

One thing i will never do again: Rip out a 1000 sq ft ceramic tile floor 🙃


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