Navigating Vintage Sizing with Palmo

“Can you try this on? I think it’s a large.”
“Sure, oh definitely Medium.”
….”So it’s a Mediuu….Large?” *stares in confusion*


Ahh, the good old days of Palmo’s estimated sizing process. We learned fairly quickly how complicated it can be to find the modern size for a vintage item. If you think about it, a shirt’s tag reads “Large” but the shirt was designed and manufactured in the 1970’s when the standard sizing was so different than today, and it has been worn and washed hundreds of times over the years… you best believe that shirt is no longer what we would consider a large. 


After referencing sizes across multiple brands, blogs, as well as both vintage and modern pieces from our own personal closets, the question remained. How do we create a sizing system that is reliable across the wide range of garment types we sell that also provides you with the kind of info you need?


In order to get our vintage goods online or in store as quickly as possible, we’ve narrowed down the process of sizing by using one or two of the most effective measurements to determine each item’s estimated modern size. When you’re shopping in store with us this can really simplify the process of finding items that are most likely to be the fit and style you're looking for. The online shopping experience can be a little more tricky when it comes to vintage items. Because you don’t have access to an item physically we provide modern size estimates using the same process as we do in store alongside a more in depth list of exact measurements within the product description of each item. Breaking out the measuring tape and comparing these measurements to a similar item that you own can give you a more accurate idea of what the fit would be like, all from the comfort of your own couch.


We’re super excited that our research has allowed us to offer modern size estimates that make your shopping experience way more streamlined and fun and way less like trying to buy a bathing suit online (amiright?).


Need help with measuring your item? Check out our Sizing Guide with helpful instructions. 


We reference the Pit to Pit measurement.


We reference the Shoulder measurement.


We reference the Waist and Hips measurements. 

**While the rise of a pair of pants can impact the way an item rests on your body, we're still working on a system that considers this measurement when estimating the size as accurately as our current one.**

For now we recommend checking the product description or reaching out to us via Email at Need a response more quickly? Message us on  Instagram!