Palmo Goods offer alterations and repairs on all items purchased in-store or online. Whether it's a small repair or an adjustment, we will do our best to give your garment a custom rework for you and your body.

Find out more and book an appointment with our specialist Phoenix.


  • Consultation

    We encourage booking a consultation with our specialist Phoenix when needing a waist adjustment or other alterations not listed here. This is to determine the feasibility and price* of your request.

    *Alterations pricing is subject to change - this can depend on textile and duration of the project.

    Price: $5.00 per 30 minutes

  • Small Repairs

    We understand that the natural distressing of vintage items isn't for everyone so we're happy to offer small repairs on your purchased garments. This includes button replacements, stitching up a hole, or any other quick fix your item may need to be good as new. Book a consultation with Phoenix to determine the feasibility and price of your request.

    Price: To be determined with consultation*

    *Price in repairs vary - depending on textile and duration of repair.

  • Bottom Hemming

    Finding the perfect pair of pants with the perfect length is difficult. If you fall in love with a pair in-store but it requires a length adjustment, ask our staff. We'll measure your inseam to your desired length and have them taken up for you on Phoenix's next scheduled repair day.

    Phoenix cuts and refinishes the edge to your desired length while maintaining the original look of the pant.

    Price: $17.00

  • Waist Adjustments

    Sometimes taking in the waist can make all the difference. When doing a waist adjustment on a pair of pants or jeans Phoenix will generally open up the back seam and restitch it to meet the desired size. This allows us to keep the original look of the pant while fitting it to your unique shape.

    *Keep in mind for this adjustment to be possible and still have the garment sit well on your body it can only be done to items that are no more than 2-3 sizes larger than the desired size.

    Price (Soft Pants): $22.00

    Price (Denim): $32.00

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