Sizing Guide

Palmo Goods inventory of vintage clothing includes items that come from a wide array of brands, styles and eras. Due to the unique sizing of each garment and the variation of sizing standards over the decades we've simplified sizing our items by creating a guide that helps us determine each item's modern size estimate.

By utilizing the most effective measurements of each garment type to determine the item’s estimated modern size we've simplified the vintage shopping experience, making it easier to decide whether an item is right for you. Within each of our item’s product description you’ll find the modern size estimate alongside a more in depth list of exact measurements. We strongly suggest comparing each of these measurements to a similar item that you own in order to get an accurate idea of the size, fit and shape.

Below is our sizing chart for T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Button-Ups, Jackets and Bottoms. Check out our tutorial videos on how-to measure your items to guide you through the measurements of our items.

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Due to current wording in the fashion industry we are limited to using terms such as "Women's" and "Men's" as size indicators, we hope this does not deter you from finding your vintage piece with us. We suggest using the measurements of each piece to determine the right fit for you and your body.


How to Measure your Tops:


How-to measure your Bottoms: