Palmo Goods - The Team

Whether it's through customer service, online orders, or repairs meet the team behind Palmo Good's magic.



Founder, Co-Owner + Curator

"For me Palmo came from a place of passion and inspiration and turned into a business and a living in a time when I needed it most. I had dreams of opening a vintage store for over a decade and seeing it come to fruition has been a pretty magical experience that I want to share with others. Palmo showed me that we can all live the dream and that's something I hope can inspire our community."

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Co-Owner + Creative Director

"It’s been really amazing to see and meet our customers in person at the shop and have this inclusive space where I can realize my dream of being able to offer vintage clothing in extended sizing. To be able to create a space where locals and tourists want to come because they know they’ll find the perfect vintage item and friendly customer service, that means everything."

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Director of E-Commerce

"As a creative person it's so fun to recreate the Palmo experience outside of the four walls of our store. I love that we have other avenues like our website and social media to engage with and inspire such a wide range of people."



Research + Repairs

"I feel like repairs are an important part of vintage clothing. Things used to fit differently, bodies were different shapes, and due to the nature of vintage, items are often quite worn. In order to carry on the lives of these pieces it’s necessary to adjust them while still honouring their original integrity."



Boutique Associate

"C’est vraiment satisfaisant to be able to help create the fit or the vision clients have in mind.J’aime guider et aider les clients à trouver ce qu’ils recherchent, que ce soit un vêtement en particulier, un certain style ou la taille parfaite. Palmo’s esthétique, sa qualité et l’ambiance du magasin en tant qu’ensemble est fluide et genuine."



Boutique Associate

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